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Green Bag, Second Series

From Copyright Experiences

The Green Bag

an entertaining journal of law

_______, 2006

VIA FEDEX or EMAIL Dear _______:

     The Green Bag is pleased to publish “_______.” We ask you to assign the copyright to us. This saves us from having to scatter little copyright notices throughout the journal, and it saves you from having to answer the republication requests that surely will come. If you prefer to retain the copyright, please attach a note with the name, address, and telephone number to which we can forward inquiries. If you assign the copyright to us, you will have the right, of course, to reprint your piece elsewhere, with a note that originally it was published in the Green Bag.
     Please note that if the Green Bag holds the copyright, we will allow teachers to photocopy your piece without permission, so long as (1) each copy is distributed at or below cost; (2) the author and the Green Bag are identified; (3) proper notice of copyright is affixed to each copy; and (4) the Green Bag is notified of the use. Duplication on other terms and republication require written permission in advance from the Green Bag. Regardless of any other copyright you wish to retain, by permitting the Green Bag to publish this piece you are granting us permission to publish all or part of your piece on our website and in other Green Bag publications, and to permit West, Lexis, and other research services to put your piece on line and do all the things such organizations do with law review material.
     We trust that you haven’t plagiarized, defamed, or invaded the privacy of anyone, or done anything illegal in your piece; that you agree to indemnify the Green Bag and hold it harmless against any contrary claim; that you have the right to assign the copyright to the Green Bag; that copyright is otherwise unassigned; that your piece has not been registered with the Library of Congress; that your piece has not been published elsewhere in whole or in part; and that there is no outstanding agreement to publish before this issue of the Green Bag appears.
     We will publish your article if you meet the deadline for correcting proofs, which is Friday, _______, 2006. If these terms are acceptable, please print out, sign, and date this agreement, and return it to me (along with your reprint/extra issue order and check, and any changes to the attached page proofs) in care of the Green Bag, 6600 Barnaby Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20015. Please also fax a copy to (703) 993-8202. Thank you again for sending such a fine piece to the Green Bag. We are proud to publish it.


Ross E. Davies


I have read and agree to the above terms, and I do/don’t (circle one) assign copyright to the Green Bag.

Author’s signature: _______________________________ Date: ___/___/___


Reprints are $1 each; minimum order of 50. Copies of the entire issue are $4 each, with no minimum.

Quantity of reprints _____ x $1 = $ _____. Quantity of the entire issue requested (one comes free with reprints) _____ x $4 = $ _____. Total = $ _____. Please enclose your check for the total amount, because we produce reprints and extra copies of the entire issue only if we have your check at press time.


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