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Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce

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Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce Copyright Policy

Except under unusual circumstances, it is the policy of the Journal not to publish material which has already appeared in, or is scheduled to appear in, other publications. Accordingly, any manuscript must be submitted on the understanding that the Journal has the exclusive right to publish it, and that the author will not submit it to other publications without first notifying the Editor that he or she intends to do so if it is not accepted by the Journal within a specific period following the date of the notice. If and when a manuscript is accepted it becomes the property of the Journal, and all copyrights will be taken out in the name of Jefferson Law Book Company. The publisher requires that each author sign the publisher's form of copyright transfer agreement, failing which a work will not be published. If the author has previously copyrighted the manuscript, acceptance for publication in the Journal will constitute an assignment of the copyright to Jefferson Law Book Company.

Here is the text of the Journal's standard form for copyright transfer:



AGREEMENT made this ___ day of __________, 200_, by and between _____________, hereinafter called the Author, and the Jefferson Law Book Company, hereinafter referred to as the Publisher, publisher of the Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce, hereinafter called the Journal,

WHEREAS the Author and the Publisher wish to publish and have published the work described above, hereinafter called the Work, in the Journal,

THEREFORE, in consideration of their promises and covenants herein, the Author and the Publisher agree as follows:


A. Hereby assigns and transfers to the Publisher all right, title, and interest, including all copyright in the Work, during the term of any copyright thereon and during the term of any copyright on any supplements and revisions of the Work. This assignment and transfer of copyright extends to all forms in which the Work or any part thereof may be published, including but not limited to printed format and electronic format such as computer software and computer databases.

B. (i) Warrants that the Work is original with the Author and his or her co-authors named above, that no part of it has been previously published, that no copyright in the Work has been registered with the Library of Congress, and no copyright or subsidiary right has been assigned or transferred, or that if material protected by copyright is to be included in the Work, the Author will secure at the Author's own expense permission to use such material; and that the Author will indemnify and hold harmless the Editors of the Journal and the Publisher against all claims to the contrary.

(ii) Agrees that these warranties and indemnities shall survive the termination of this Agreement.


A. Agrees to furnish the Author(s) a total of twenty-five (25) free Aoff-print@ copies of the Work, plus one free copy of the complete issue in which the Work is published.

B. Agrees to publish the Work in Volume __, No. _, or the next open issue.


A. Agree that if the Journal does not publish the Work as agreed in clause II.B. above, ownership of the copyright in the Work will automatically revert to the Author, and the Editors of the Journal and the Publisher will not be liable for damages arising from such failure to publish.

B. Agree, that this Agreement constitutes the complete understanding of the parties. No modification or waiver of any provision shall be valid unless in writing and signed by all parties.


By ____________________________________

_______________________________________ Title




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