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Please read and sign the Permission Agreement below.

__________________(Licensor) and North Carolina Central Law Journal (Licensee) hereby enter in this Permissions Agreement regarding the use of Licensor’s work titled _________________________(Licensor’s Work) in Licensee’s publication titled North Carolina Central Law Journal (Licensee’s Work) on the terms described below.

1. Licensed Materials: This Permission Agreement applies to Licensor’s Work.

2. License: Licensor hereby grants Licensee, and Licensee’s successors, assigns, and sub-licensees, a non-exclusive license to copy, reproduce, print, publish, distribute, and otherwise use Licensee’s Work in all media in perpetuity and throughout the world. This license does not prohibit the Licensor from later reprinting all or a portion of the Licensor’s Work in another form.

3. Use of Licensed Materials: This Licensed Materials shall not be altered, adapted or modified in any manner without prior written permission of Licensor.

4. Warranties and Reciprocal Indemnity: Licensor warrants to Licensee that Licensor owns and controls the rights licensed in this permissions Agreement, and agrees to indemnify and defend Licensee from any claim, loss, or liability arising from breach of the foregoing warranty. Except as provided above, Licensee agrees to indemnify and defend Licensor from any claim, loss, or liability arising from Licensee’s use of Licensed Materials.


________________________ ____________________ Licensor Date

________________________ ____________________ Sarah Jessica Farber Date Articles Editor


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