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Publication Agreement

In consideration of the publication by the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law (OSJCL) of the article, «Article_Title», written by «Author_Name», The Author and OSJCL hereby make the following agreements and representations:

I. Agreements:

1. The Author hereby grants to OSJCL the right and license to publish the Article in Volume 5: Issue 1 of OSJCL either in part or in its entirety and to publish and sell or otherwise distribute individual offprints of the Article.

2. The Author retains the copyright but grants to OSJCL the nonexclusive right to authorize the publication, reproduction, and distribution of the Article in electronic media, computerized retrieval systems, qualified outlets and similar forms, and to grant reasonable requests for reproduction of parts of the Article in other scholarly works, and/or to reproduce parts or all of the Article for classroom use.

3. OSJCL agrees to publish the Article in Volume 5: Issue 1 of OSJCL.

4. The Author agrees not to publish the Article in any other publication in the United States or Canada prior to its date of publication in OSJCL.

5. The assignment of any rights to OSJCL shall not be construed as diminishing the Author's own rights to publish and distribute offprints of the Article, or to publish the Article elsewhere, subsequent to its publication in OSJCL, provided that the Author agrees to conspicuously credit OSJCL with first publication with the phrase "Originally published in the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law."

6. OSJCL agrees to provide the Author timely comments and indications as to where editing changes have been suggested.

7. OSJCL agrees that, if the Author requests, OSJCL will return to the Author any original documentation provided for cite-checking purposes.

8. The Author agrees to respond to editing suggestions in a timely fashion. After receiving a draft, the Author will have at least one week during which to respond to editorial changes made by OSJCL. Absent timely response, OSJCL may treat the changes as accepted.

10. The Author reserves the right to distribute the Article electronically through the Social Science Research Network with conspicuous credit of first publication to OSJCL.

II. Representations:

The Author represents that: 1. He or she is the sole author of the Article.

2. He or she has full power and authority to enter into this Agreement and to grant the rights herein granted; the Article has not previously been published nor have any rights in or with respect to the Article been granted, assigned, or transferred.

3. The Article does not infringe any copyright or any contractual rights of third parties.

4. The Article does not invade the privacy rights of any third person, or contain any matter that is libelous or otherwise in contravention of the rights of any third person; and all statements made in the Article asserted as facts are true or are based upon reasonable research for accuracy.

5. He or she has secured all necessary and/or appropriate permissions with respect to any material included in the Article to which the copyright is not owned by the Author.

______________________________ ___________________ Author Date

______________________________ ____________________ Sheena Little, Editor-in-Chief Date

Please return this form to:

Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law Attn: Klodiana Basko, Business Editor 55 West 12th Avenue Columbus, OH 43210-1391


Please note that Symposium Article authors receive 50 complimentary reprints of their article; authors of Commentaries and Reviews receive 25 complimentary reprints.*

Please send me ____ additional copies of my article, ________________________.**

Please send me ____ additional copies of the entire issue.

Please make ____ of the reprints with personalized covers. (pricing listed at bottom of attached pricing sheet)

  • The cost schedule for reprints is attached to this contract. Please contact The Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law at 614-688-3781 with any questions or comments.
    • Reprints must be ordered in blocks of 25.


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