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    The following is an agreement between <author>, hereinafter referred to as the Author, and the Tulane Law Journal Name, hereinafter referred to as the Journal, and governs the manuscript <article title>, hereinafter referred to as the Work.

1. Author’s Grant of Rights

a. The Journal shall have the right to publish, reproduce, and distribute the Work in any and all media, including, but not limited to, an Internet or Intranet site over which the Journal exercises effective control, and also by means of a third-party online legal information provider, such as, but not limited to, LEXIS/NEXIS and Westlaw.

b. The aforementioned rights shall be exclusive and shall remain with the Journal from the date shown below. By signing this agreement, the Author assigns to the Journal the rights granted in this agreement.

c. Unless the Author notifies the Journal in writing otherwise within ten days of the date on which this license is executed, the issue of the Journal in which the Work appears shall include a notice stating that the Work may be reproduced and distributed, in whole or in part, by nonprofit institutions for educational purposes including distribution to students, provided that the copies are distributed at or below cost and identify the Author, the Journal, the volume, the number of the first page, and the year of the Work’s publication in the Journal.

d. the Journal shall have the right to authorize another party to reproduce and distribute the Work in a form other than those specified in Paragraph 1(c) provided that such reproduction identifies the Author, the Journal, the volume, the number of the first page, and the year of the Work’s publication in the Journal.

e. The Author grants the above rights without claim of royalties or other compensation.

2. Author’s Reservation of Rights

The Author shall retain the right to publish, in electronic or printed form, an abstract and/or the introduction of the published Work, on condition upon the inclusion of the following notice:

Complete Work published in 80 Tul. L.J. Name 2006-2007, Copyright 2006-07, Tulane Law Journal Name. All rights reserved.

3. Author’s Warranties

a. The Author warrants that to the best of the Author’s knowledge:

(i) The Author is the sole author (or coauthor) of the Work and has the power to convey the rights granted in this Agreement. In the case of coauthorship, all coauthors of the Work have been requested by the Journal to assign the rights granted in this agreement. Rights cannot be granted without conveyance by all coauthors;

(ii) The Work has not previously been published, in whole or in part;

(iii) The Work does not infringe upon the copyright or property right of another; and

b. If the Work reproduces any textual or graphic material that is the property of another for which permission is required, the Author shall, if requested by the Journal, obtain written consent to such reproduction.

4. Editing and Printing

a. The Author authorizes the Journal to edit and revise the Work prior to publication in the Journal, but the Work shall not be published by the Journal unless it is acceptable in its final form to both the Author and the Journal.

b. Promptly after publication, the Journal shall give the Author, without charge, 25 offprint copies of the Work and, if requested by the Author in writing, additional copies at a cost to be determined.

5. Final Agreement

This Agreement constitutes the sole agreement between the Author and the Journal with respect to the publication and copyright of the Work. Any modifications of or additions to the terms of this Agreement shall be in writing.

Author’s Signature Editor in Chief

Author’s Name (printed) Date


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