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The purpose of this wiki is to allow the faculty to write out a draft of a Faculty Manual.

The law school has for many years relied on an oral tradition, amended or restated in part by the occasional faculty resolution, to determine how it governs itself. Similarly, many other basic policies relating to the faculty are set out in a variety of memos, most of which tend to be ephemeral. As the faculty is in a period of rapid growth and change, it seems likely to be helpful to capture current practices in one centralized location.

Some issues of faculty governance and management are boring; others are controversial. The aim of this project is not to "Restate" our rules and practices in the spirit of the "Restatement" and thus tweak the rules to ensure that the 'better' rule emerges. Rather the hope is that in this document we can achieve simple reporting -- and thus in the future save time when changes are proposed or implemented, time that otherwise might be wasted trying to reconstruct prior rules to understand our baseline.

The topics below also include some matters that are not strictly governance related (e.g. the faculty office account) but have to do with basic items affecting faculty lives that are either not well documented or documented in scattered places and that will be of particular interest to faculty joining our community.

This is a wiki, so feel free to add topics and add or edit existing text on any page. The wiki saves all drafts and logs the identity of every author. Note that in order to edit text you will need to do a second login at least once (set the cookie and save yourself the trouble thereafter), using the link in the upper right hand corner of the page.


Faculty Governance

  1. The Faculty, defined
    1. Faculty Meetings
      1. Role of educator faculty in faculty meetings
    2. Committees
      1. Ad hoc committees


  1. The Dean
    1. Dean searches
    2. Quincennial evaluations
    3. Appointment of the Vice Dean


  1. The Rule of Eight (as amended)
  2. Appointments with Tenure
    1. Lateral hires
  3. Entry-level hires
    1. Tenure track
  4. Long-term Contract Faculty
    1. Educator faculty
    2. Library faculty
    3. Other Contract Faculty]]
      1. Clinical Faculty
      2. L-Comm Faculty
      3. Directors of Programs
      4. Others (?)
  5. Visitors
    1. Visiting Faculty
      1. Class Visits
      2. "Visitors from nowhere"
    2. Foreign visitors
  6. Adjunct Faculty

Promotion & Tenure

  1. Pre-Tenure Reviews
    1. Class visits
  2. Tenure
    1. Early Tenure
  3. Post-tenure review
  4. Chairs

Teaching and Research

  1. Teaching Loads
    1. Banking
    2. Other Leave
      1. Pre-tenure leave
      2. Parental leave
      3. Discretionary leave
  2. Teaching Assignments
    1. Summer Teaching
  3. Class Schedules
  4. Assignment of Faculty Offices
    1. Faculty Office Account

Faculty Emoluments

  1. Contracts
  2. Salaries
  3. Summer Grants

Miscellaneous Matters

  1. Official Law Reviews
  2. Business cards
  3. Outside speakers
  4. Role of Director of Faculty Research

Proposals for Changes

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