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We Robot Bibliography

Purpose and Scope

This bibliography of scholarly writing relevant to the law and policy of Robots and Robotics is being created as part of the inaugural “We Robot” Conference to be held at the University of Miami School of Law on April 21 & 22, 2012.

This bibliography lists scholarly works that examine the role of robotics in society through the lenses of Ethics, Law, and Policy. It is not an attempt to list works devoted primarily to robotic technology.

Usage Guidelines

(Please note that in order to edit this wiki, you will need to create a user account and log in. See top right of this page for the link.)
Before editing this bibliography, please read and follow these guidelines. Thanks!

  1. Scope of Sources. Please refrain from adding pure engineering or “hard” science sources. Sources should relate robotics in some way to law, ethics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, economics, or other areas relevant to public policy.
  2. Citation Style. This bibliography utilizes the Modern Language Institute (MLA) citation and formatting style due to its inter-disciplinary nature. Please try to conform your contributions to this style.
  3. Order of Entries. All sources are listed in alphabetical order by author within the publication type (books, book articles/sections, journal articles, other sources).

We Robot 2012

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Categories: Robots and . . .

Please do not change the top-level list of categories without a very good reason. And be wary of creating new sub-categories unless you have a substantial amount of material to put into it.

In most cases, if you have a source that does not seem relevant to any category, or you have critiques of the organizational structure, please send your concerns to and/or note your suggestion in the "Discussion" section of this page.

. . . Accountability, Liability, and Agency Relationships

Accountability, Liability, and Agency Relationships: In General

. . . Cybernetics

Cybernetics: In General

. . . Ethics

Ethics: In General
Non-Human Rights

. . . the Home

the Home: In General

. . . Human-Robot Interaction (HRI)

Human-Robot Interaction: In General

. . . Infringement on Privacy

Infringement on Privacy: In General
Spiders, and Online Data Collectors

. . . Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property: In General

. . . International and Comparative Law

International and Comparative Law: In General

. . . Literature

Literature: In General

. . . the Professions

the Professions: In General
the Workplace

. . . the Public

the Public: In General
Intelligent Transportation Systems/Autonomous Driving
Public Safety/Law Enforcement

. . . Regulation

Regulation: In General

. . . Warfare and Defense

Warfare and Defense: In General


The initial seeding of the bibliography was collaborative effort of W. Aaron Daniel, U.Miami JD ’12, and Barbara Brandon, U Miami Law Reference/Faculty Services Librarian.