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Welcome to the Copyright Experiences Wiki

The purpose of this website is for legal academics and others to share our copyright experiences with law journals and other legal publishers. As academics, we have an interest in ensuring the widest dissemination of our work. Historically, Law Journals have tended to use standard-form copyright agreements that reqire a copyright assignment, and have tended to impose unreasonable restrictions on our rights to share and re-use our own work.

This is starting to change. Increasingly, law journals, are adopting reasonable policies, or at least are open to negotiation. Due to the transitory nature of student-run law journal staffs, some staffs are actually unaware of their own past practices.

On the pages linked from here, legal writers describe their copyright experiences and law journals describe their policies. The information is as good or bad as what you contribute to it.

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Information About Specific Law Journals

Since there are a lot of journals and publishers, links from this page are to the first letter in a journal's name.

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Academic presses and legal publishers

Model Copyright Agreements

There's a separate page of model copyright agreements.

The Open Access Law Project

In Its Own Words

(This section is copied from the Open Access Law Program homepage)

The Open Access Law Program (OAL Program) consists of a set of resources to promote open access in legal publishing. These resources include:

  • Open Access Law Author Pledge. For authors wishing to commit publicly to open access ideals, we have established an OAL Author Pledge. This pledge commits authors to only publish law review articles in journals that adhere to a minimum OAL commitment. Here is a list of authors who have signed the Pledge.
  • Open Access Model Publishing Agreement. The OAL Program also provides a Model Agreement that embodies the OAL Journal Principles in a fair and neutral contract that is easy for both authors and law reviews to adopt. It also provides for an easy mechanism for authors and journals to adopt Creative Commons licenses to make their work more easily available.


This looks like a great project. So far a number of journal have adopted the principles...but not that many authors.

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User-Contributed Questions and Answers

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About this site

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