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Here is a copy of the agreement we use with our authors. We do not ask them to assign their copyright, but merely to give us a license to publish the article online.

Patrick McKeever
UCLA Journal of Law & Technology

                           UCLA Journal of Law and Technology
                            Copyright/Publication Agreement

We are pleased to publish your Article, __________________________________, in the UCLA Journal of Law and Technology (“JOLT”). In order to protect our respective copyrights, we ask that you enter into the following agreement relating to publication of the Article. As you will notice, the agreement does not affect your copyright in the Article, but merely grants a license to the JOLT to publish it. “Publication”, for the purposes of this Agreement, includes posting of the Article on the JOLT’s World Wide Web page, and distribution of the Article via electronic newsgroups and electronic mailing lists. “Publication” does not mean publication in the traditional print journal form, though it may include the production of ‘reprints’ and other print materials for promotional or educational purposes. Distribution of the Article by the JOLT in print form is not anticipated.

1. The UCLA Journal of Law and Technology accepts the above-captioned Article (the “Article”) for posting on its World Wide Web page, scheduled for posting in Fall, 2008, and for distribution on its planned electronic newsgroup and electronic mailing list(s).

2. The copyright in the Article shall remain with you, and nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as an assignment of copyright ownership to the JOLT. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, all rights in the Article under the Copyright Act of 1976 belong to you.

3. You grant to the Regents of the University of California (the “Regents”), on behalf of the JOLT, the right to publish, reproduce, and distribute the Article in any and all electronic media, including, but not limited to, inclusion on the JOLT World Wide Web page, and distribution via electronic newsgroups and electronic mailing lists. This right shall be non-exclusive.

4. You warrant that you are the author of the Article, that you are an owner of the copyright in the Article and have the right to license the Article to the Regents on behalf of the JOLT, and that you have not made any agreement which would be in conflict with this one.

5. You warrant that the Article has not been previously published in electronic form and that to the best of your knowledge and ability that the article does not defame any individual or entity, or infringe upon any individual’s or entity’s rights of privacy or publicity or any other rights of third parties. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the JOLT and the Regents against any breach of your warranties hereunder.

6. The JOLT encourages authors to submit articles originally appearing in the JOLT to traditional print journals. As stated above, the JOLT reserves no print publication rights, other than ‘reprints’ and promotional materials. If the Article is accepted for publication by a print journal after appearing in the JOLT, the Author agrees to (a) notify the JOLT that the Article has been accepted for publication by a print journal, (b) notify the print journal that the Article was previously electronically published by the JOLT, and (c) notify the print journal of the terms of your Agreement with the JOLT, particularly with respect to any unexpired exclusive electronic publication period.

7. Any reproduction or republication of the Article must bear the legend that the Article was published in the JOLT, using the method of citation set out immediately below, or whatever form of citation may then be commonly used for electronic journals:

“Originally (if applicable) Published in UCLA Journal of Law & Tech. ** (2009)”

where ** represents the page of the issue on which the Article begins.

8. INDEMNIFICATION: You understand and acknowledge that electronic distribution of the Article poses certain copyright problems not existent in the traditional print journal format. Specifically, an Article posted on a World Wide Web page or sent via electronic mailing list or electronic newsgroup can be read and reprinted without the JOLT’s knowledge. You indemnify the JOLT against any and all copyright violations committed by private individuals who have received your Article through the electronic means provided by the JOLT.

                                             UCLA Journal of Law & Technology






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