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Intelligent Transportation Systems/Autonomous Driving

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Works in a Collection

Journal Articles

  1. Agre, Phillip E., and A. Harbs. "Social Choice About Privacy: Intelligent Vehicle-Highway Systems in the United States." Information Technology & People 7.4 (1994): 63-90. Print.
  2. Douma, F., and S. Aue. "'But Officer, It Wasn’t My Fault … the Car Did It!' And Other Criminal Liability Issues Involving Autonomous Vehicles." Santa Clara Law Review, Forthcoming (2012). Print.
  3. Graham, Kyle. "Of Frightened Horses and Autonomous Vehicles: Tort Law and Its Assimilation of Innovations." Santa Clara Law Review, Forthcoming (2012). Print.
  4. Waterman, K. Krasnow, and Matthew T. Henshon. "Imagine the Ram-If-Ications: Assessing Liability for Robotics-Based Car Accidents." SciTech Lawyer 5 (2009): 14-16. Print.

Conference Proceedings

Web Sources

  1. Beiker, Sven A., and Ryan Calo. Legal Aspects of Autonomous Driving: The Need for a Legal Infrastructure That Permits Autonomous Driving in Public to Maximize Safety and Consumer Benefit. Center for Automotive Research at Stanford, Center for Internet and Society, October 2010. Web. 23 Feb. 2012. <>.

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