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“No article may be republished in whole or in part without the written permission of the publisher.”

To obtain permission the following is the ABA Copyright Statement…

The ABA is glad to grant permission to use or reprint copyrighted materials when it has the authors' licenses to do so. In some cases, a fee may be charged. However, before you use any or any part of these materials, you must obtain the necessary permissions. The procedure for requesting permission to use or reprint materials isn't cumbersome (see below), and the ABA staff makes every effort to respond in a manner that is timely and accommodating of special circumstances. Still, to plan ahead and avoid last-minute emergencies that it might not be possible to accommodate, allow approximately 10 working days for processing the request.

HOW TO SEND YOUR REQUEST Send your request by mail, FAX, or e-mail, to: Nicole M. Maggio, Esq. Manager, Copyrights & Licensing American Bar Association 321 North Clark Street Chicago, IL 60610 voice: (312) 988-6102 FAX: (312) 988-6030 E-mail:

INFORMATION REQUIRED TO PROCESS ABA PUBLICATION REPRINT/REPRODUCTION REQUESTS About ABA's print/audio-visual/electronic publication: Title of material you want to use. Name of author of material. The source publication of product from which it came. (If from a periodical, include title, volume/issue/date. If from conference materials, include name of conference/date/location/sponsoring ABA entity.) The number of pages or segments to be used (the actual page numbers are also helpful). If you wish to reproduce materials from the ABA web site, provide the entire URL address that appears as you are viewing the document in question. About your use of the ABA material: Title of your publication, program, or product. Name of publisher or sponsor. The type of publication in which the ABA material will appear, e.g., book, periodical, CLE handout, diskette, electronic program (software), List Serve posting, newsgroup posting, ftp site, Web site, corporate intranet. Estimated number of copies to be printed or produced. (If intranet, number of users.) Whether the copies will be sold or free and if sold, give the price (if copies are free to attendees of a program, give the cost of the program). The date(s) the material will be distributed. Please note that due to the high volume of requests received daily, responses take approximately 10 working days from the receipt of the request by the Copyrights & Contracts Department. Failure to provide needed information may cause a significant delay.


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