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CJAL Copyright Policy:

Columbia Journal of Asian Law Columbia University in the City of New York Tel: (212) 854-5510 School of Law Fax: (212) 854-7946 435 West 116th Street Email: New York, NY10027

[Date] [Name] [Address] [Telephone] [e-mail]

Dear [Name]:

The Columbia Journal of Asian Law (the “Journal”) is pleased to accept [Title] (the “Article”) for publication in Volume 17, Number 2 of the Journal (the “Issue”). If you agree with the terms listed below, this letter will serve as the agreement between yourself and the Columbia Journal of Asian Law with respect to the publication of the Article.

  1.  	The copyright in the Article shall remain with you, and nothing in this agreement shall be construed as an assignment of copyright ownership to the Journal.  Except as otherwise provided in this agreement, all rights in the Article under the Copyright Act of 1976 belong to you.
  2.  	In consideration for publishing the Article, you grant the Journal:

a) the exclusive right to publish the Article for a period of one year from the date when the Issue is first mailed to the Journal's subscribers. During this period, you shall not publish the Article in any other publication, nor shall you authorize any other party to do so, without the written consent of the Journal;

b) the non-exclusive right to make the Article available on computerized research databases (such as Westlaw and Lexis);

c) the non-exclusive right to grant permission to educators to reproduce the Article in non-commercial, non-profit educational materials and course packets, and to authorize the Copyright Clearance Center to grant such permission as part of its Academic Permissions Service;

d) the non-exclusive right to print, distribute, reproduce, sell and use the Article, or any portion thereof, in all manners customary in law review administration, including but not limited to the following: as individual reprints; as part of the Issue; as part of bound volumes including the Issue; as part of collections of essays that may have appeared in different volumes of the Journal of Chinese Law and/or the Columbia Journal of Asian Law, and that are produced by the Journal in its name; and as microform or electronic reproductions of any of the foregoing.

  3.  	You retain the exclusive right to authorize publication of or reproduction of the Article for purposes other than those described above.  If you grant any third party the right to publish all or any portion of the Article, you shall give notice of such grant to the Columbia Journal of Asian Law, and you shall require that the third party include in the publication the legend required by Paragraph 4 below.    
  4.	Any reproduction or republication of the Article, other than a photocopied duplicate of an original printed copy, must bear the legend, indicating that the Article first appeared in the Columbia Journal of Asian Law, using a method of citation similar to the form set out immediately below, or whatever form of citation may then be commonly used:

This article originally appeared at XX Colum. J. Asian L. xxx (year).

where XX indicates the volume number and xxx represents the page of the Issue on which the Article begins.

  5.  	You grant all of the foregoing rights free of royalty or other participatory claims. 
  6.  	You hereby represent and warrant that:

a) the Article has not been published before, constitutes your own original work, and does not violate, in whole or in part, any existing copyright;

b) to the best of your knowledge and belief, the Article does not defame, invade the privacy of, violate the civil rights of, or otherwise infringe the rights of any person;

c) you have full power to enter into this Agreement and to convey the rights herein granted.

  7.  	This agreement is subject to the understanding that the ordinary editing processes of the Journal will be diligently pursued and that the Article will not be published by the Journal unless, in its final form, it is acceptable both to you and to the Journal.


[Name] Editor-in-Chief, 2006-2007

Accepted and agreed to:

__________________________ Date: ____________________ [Name]


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