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Cornell International Law Journal Licensing Agreement (current as of Oct. 2006 and subject to change without notice)

I, _________________ (hereinafter "Licensor"), grant to the Cornell International Law Journal (hereinafter "Licensee"), its successors and assigns, the sole and exclusive license:

a)to the first time publication _______________(hereinafter "the Work") in the Cornell International Law Journal. Publication may occur worldwide in the English language.(this includes in hardcopy and electronic printing)

b)to edit the Work to suit the Licensee's requirements, subject to final review and approval by the Licensor.

c)to authorize the reduction, adaptation, public distribution, and public display of the Work as a contribution to the Cornell International Law Journal in electronic media, computerized retrieval system, and similar forms. Such authorization includes use of the Work anywhere in the world by means of public display, conversion to machine readable form, and reproduction and distribution of copies.

The licensor retains all rights in the Work not specifically granted to the Licensee herein. Such rights are reserved in all languages, forms, and media throughout the world.

_____________________________________________ __________________

As a side note we generally grant permission for educational purposes free of charge and without hesitation. For-profit reproductions requests are considered using a more extensive review process and may or may not be granted or require a fee.

Cornell International Law Journal Board of Editors


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