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Drake Journal of Agriculture Law

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This is the Copyright Agreement for Drake Journal of Agriculture Law:

This publishing agreement (“the Agreement”) is by and between the DRAKE JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL LAW (“the Publisher”), and _________(“the Author”) concerning a work currently titled __________(“the Article”) which is to be published in the DRAKE JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL LAW,________.

The DRAKE JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL LAW retains the copyright of the Article, unless the Author(s) explicitly retains the copyright as indicated in the first footnote of the Article, and grants permission for copies of that article to be made and used by nonprofit educational groups or institutions, provided that proper attribution is granted to the Author(s) and the DRAKE JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL LAW. The Publisher further authorizes the Author(s) to reprint portions of the Article in other journals, texts, treatises, and similar materials without the Publisher’s consent, provided adequate copyright notice is given. Adequate copyright notice requires the Author(s) to acknowledge (1) the material is reprinted from the DRAKE JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL LAW (with full citations) and (2) the copyright is retained by Drake University. Reprints of the entire article require permission of the Publisher.

The Author(s) grants to the Publisher the right to authorize the publication, reproduction, and distribution of the article in electronic media, computerized retrieval systems, and other similar forms.

The Author(s) represents and warrants that he/she has the full power and authority to enter into this agreement and to grant the rights stated above. The Author(s) further warrants that this grant for publication has not infringed on the copyright of another.

The Author(s) also agrees to provide the Publisher with sources of authority the Publisher is unable to locate through reasonable good faith efforts.

The Author(s) shall indemnify and hold harmless the Publisher, its licensees, successors, representatives, and assigns from any and all claims attributable to infringement or misappropriation of any copyright or other property right of any third party.

The Publisher reserves the right to refuse publication should the editing process reveal plagiarism or substantial misrepresentation of law or other authorities. The Publisher may also refuse publication should the Author(s) refuse reasonable requests by the Publisher to rewrite portions of the article to correct these problems or to bring the article within proper law review style and format. If the Publisher exercises this right, the Article will be returned to the Author(s) and the Author(s) is free to seek publication elsewhere.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Author and Publisher have executed this agreement on the day and year written below.

    _____________________________________	_____________________________________


    _____________________________________	_____________________________________



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