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This Publication Agreement, between ________________ (“you”) and the Marquette Sports Law Review (“we” or “us”), governs the work titled ____________________ (the “Work”).

1. License. You retain the Work’s copyright. You hereby grant to us a worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicensable license to: (1) edit the Work to prepare it for publication; (2) reproduce, distribute and display the edited Work in our journal (and other publications prepared by us or on our behalf) in any media now or hereafter known (including without limitation electronic publications such as the Internet, Westlaw and Lexis); and (3) prepare abstracts, summaries, abridgments and translations of the published Work, which are included in the “Work” definition.

We do not restrict your republication or use of the Work following publication by us. However, we want first publication rights, and you confirm that we will publish the Work first. Thus, the foregoing licenses are exclusive to us prior to our publication of the Work. You confirm that you have disclosed to us all previous or pending public disseminations of the Work, including any publications or acceptances by other journals or disseminations via websites or conference proceedings. We may choose not to publish the Work if it does not conform to our editorial standards, in which case we shall promptly notify you and all licenses shall terminate.

Author Marquette Sports Law Review Address:

Name: Name: Signature: Signature: Date:


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