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Twin Cities Campus Minnesota Law Review Room 285
The Law School 229-19th Avenue So.
Walter F. Mondale Hall Minneapolis, MN 55455
Subscription: 612-625-4581
Editorial Office: 612-625-9330
Fax: 612-624-5400

This is a publication agreement between Professor [author] (the "Author") and the Minnesota Law Review Foundation (the "Foundation"), regarding a written work entitled "[title]" (the "Article").

1) License of Copyright.

a) The Author hereby retain all rights, title, and interest in the copyright of the Article and grants to the Foundation a nonexclusive license to print, reprint, publish, distribute, and allow limited classroom photocopying of the Article.

b) The above license includes: the right of first publication of the Article; the right to authorize the electronic reproduction of the Article by Lexis, Westlaw, and by any other electronic means; the right to authorize others to reproduce the Article for noncommercial purposes; and the right to use only a portion of the Article in all of the aforementioned situations.

c) The Author agrees to require that the Minnesota Law Review be given credit as the original publisher in any republication of the Article authorized by the Author. Such credit shall include a proper citation to the Article's original publication in the Minnesota Law Review, which identifies the Author, the volume, the journal, the first page, and the year of the Article's original publication, or which indicates that publication in the journal is forthcoming where appropriate.

2) Foundation's Covenant.

a) The Foundation agrees to publish the Article in Volume [no.] of the Minnesota Law Review.

b) The Foundation promises to send to the Author, within a reasonable time after the Article has been published, an electronic copy of the published version of the Article if the Foundation has such a copy within its possession, custody or control at or about the time of publication, and as part of the Foundation's normal publishing operations.

c) The Foundation will provide the Author with [no.] free copies of the bound issue in which the Article appears and [no.] free reprints of the Article as per its normal policy.

The Author will have the opportunity to order additional reprints at the Author's expense before the issue containing the Article goes to press.

3) Author's Warranties.

a) The Author warrants that the Article is original and that the Author is its sole author and owner; that neither the Article nor any part of it has been previously published. For purposes of this paragraph, making a copy of the Article accessible over the Internet, including, but not limited to, posting the Article to a database accessible over the Internet, does not constitute prior publication so long as the as such copy indicates that the Article is not in final form, such as by designating such copy to be a "draft," a "working paper," or "work-in-progress."

b) The Author warrants that the Article contains no libelous or otherwise unlawful material and does not infringe any proprietary right at common law or any statutory copyright; and that the Author will hold harmless and indemnify the Foundation against any and all suits, claims, demands or recoveries, including damages, costs, expenses, and attorney's fees, which may be made, taken, or incurred at any time against the Foundation which are based on either violation of proprietary right or copyright laws, or libelous or injurious matter in the Article.

4) Editing the Article.

a) The Author and the Foundation agree to cooperate in preparing the Article for publication. The Author agrees to make all revisions reasonably requested by the Foundation within the timelines established by the Foundation.

b) The Author acknowledges and agrees that the Foundation has the right to make the revisions necessary, in its discretion, to bring the Article in conformance with the standards of scholarly legal publishing.

5) The Author agrees and acknowledges that the Foundation's performance of its obligations under this contract is good consideration for the Author's performance of his or her obligations under this contract, and that neither the Foundation nor any of its agents owe any further consideration to the Author.

I HAVE READ THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT AND AGREE FULLY WITH THE SAME. Signed: _______________________ Date: _____________

[author name]

Signed: _______________________ Date:______________

[name], Editor-in-Chief


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