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Here is what we actually agreed. It was slightly modified from what they proposed.

1. The Oregon Law Review and A. Michael Froomkin, enter into this agreement for the publication of A. Michael Froomkin's article, entitled "The Essential Role of Trusted Third Parties in Electronic Commerce" in the Oregon Law Review. The obligation of the Oregon Law Review is further specified and modified by the terms of the acceptance letter enclosed.
2. Author grants the Oregon Law Review the nonexclusive right to publish, reproduce, distribute, and use the Author's article in any form, either separately or as part of a collective work. This right covers, but is not limited to, copies of the issue of the Oregon Law Review in which the article first appeared, and bound volumes including the issue, individual reprints, collection of essays, electronic media, computerized retrieval systems, and similar forms. Except as otherwise provided, the Author grants permission for copies of the article to be made for classroom use, provided that: (1) copies are distributed at or below cost, (2) the Author and Journal are identified, and (3) proper notice of copyright is affixed to each copy.
3. Author grants the Oregon Law Review the right to transfer or sublicense the rights granted in this agreement, specifically including, but not limited to, sublicensing to West Publishing Co. and to Mead Data Central for inclusion in and access from Westlaw and Lexis, respectively.
4. Author reserves the nonexclusive right to prepare derivative works from the article, including books, collections of essays, and other similar works.
5. Author warrants that, to the best of Author's knowledge, the article is an original work and is substantively correct; that it does not defame any person; that it does not invade the privacy of any person; and that it does not in any manner infringe upon the rights of any person.
6. Author warrants that Author has full power and authority to enter into this agreement and grant the rights contained in this agreement.
7. Copyright will remain with the Author.


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