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Seattle Journal for Social Justice

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Seattle Journal for Social Justice



From: Seattle Journal for Social Justice

     900 Broadway
     Seattle, WA 98122


     Seattle Journal for Social Justice (“SJSJ”) is pleased to undertake the publication of your article, “TITLE.” in Volume _, Issue _ of our Journal. We ask that you license to us certain rights set out below, so that you as author retain ownership of the copyright in the Article and are able to republish the Article in future publications subject to the following terms.
     Accordingly, the following terms of publication are submitted for your approval:

Terms of Publication

1. Copyright License to Publish in a Collective Work: You grant the SJSJ the irrevocable exclusive, worldwide, assignable, royalty-free right to first time publication of the Article in print media, as well as the non-exclusive, assignable, worldwide royalty-free right to republish archive and copy, the work or excerpts thereof in compilations of past Volumes and Issues in all forms of print and electronic media, now known or later developed. To protect the author's copyright in the Article, a copyright notice that meets the requirements of the U.S. Copyright laws will be included with the Article.

2. Copyright License to Republish on Electronic Databases/ancillary rights: You grant the SJSJ the irrevocable exclusive, worldwide, assignable, royalty-free right to grant licenses to, and on its own behalf to republish, the Article on its website and as part of a legal electronic database, such as but not necessarily limited to WESTLAW, West Publishing Company's computer-assisted legal research system, and on LEXIS/NEXIS information retrieval system, including all rights ancillary and appropriate to the exercise of this right, including the right to allow database users to search, retrieve, save and store the Article and excerpts therefrom, in all forms of electronic media now known or later developed. You also grant the SJSJ the ancillary perpetual rights to use your name, likeness and biographical information provided by you, the Article or excerpts thereof for all purposes and in all media now known or later develop reasonably related to publicizing the SJSJ.

3. Credit to the SJSJ as First Publisher: If you republish the Article following its initial publication in the SJSJ, you must give credit in the book or other publication of the Article's first publication in the SJSJ. Such credit shall not be required in a case where only small portion of the Article is republished or where the Article has been otherwise revised to the point where the revision is no longer substantially based upon the Article.

If neither of these exceptions applies, credit shall read as follows: First published in the Seattle Journal for Social Justice, Volume/Issue (year of publication in the SJSJ).

4. Warranty: You warrant that the Article is your original work; that you are the exclusive owner of all the rights licensed in this Agreement and these rights have not previously been licensed to another party; that the Article is original except for any copyrightable material included in the work by you for which written, executed and assignable licenses or permissions of rights, electronic and otherwise, to use third party material, have been obtained by you; that the Article has not been previously published in whole or in part in written or electronic form; that the Article is not in the public domain; that the Article does not infringe any third party's copyright, moral right, trademark, publicity or other proprietary right or invade the privacy rights of another; that the Article is not libelous, obscene, defamatory or otherwise contrary to the law; that all statements of fact in the Article are true and based upon reasonable research and any instruction and advice in the Article is harmless and not negligent or defective; and that you have all right to enter into this Agreement and have not entered and agree not to enter into any other agreement that conflicts with the rights granted herein. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the SJSJ, Seattle University and its agents and assigns harmless against any cost, damage or claim resulting from a breach of these warranties. Your representations, warranties and indemnities shall survive in perpetuity.

5. Preemption: SJSJ reserves the right to withhold publication of your Article in the event of unforeseen research deficiencies or preemption.

6. Proofhandling: You will be given the opportunity to read and correct the substantively edited manuscript, any other intermediate edits as you and the SJSJ mutually agree, and/or book proofs. However, all editorial and article copy is subject to the approval of the Editor in Chief of SJSJ. The Article is subject to any technical revisions that, in our discretion, are necessary to meet our publication standards. Technical revisions include grammar, punctuation, spelling, Blue Book citation form, and stylistic conventions as adopted by SJSJ. Substantive changes, if any, will be made only with your approval. However, in the event that you should fail to make such changes that will ensure the publishable quality of the Article, SJSJ reserves the right to delay publication or make other arrangements in its discretion. SJSJ assumes no responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, the Article.

7. Timeliness: Any corrections that you make during the editing process must be returned to SJSJ in a timely fashion according to a mutually agreed upon date. In the event that you should fail to meet such deadlines within a reasonable period of time, SJSJ reserves the right to withhold publication or make other arrangements in its discretion.

8. Publication Copies: Upon the publication of your Article in the SJSJ, you will receive two complete copies of the SJSJ and twenty-five individual reprints.

     If the foregoing terms are satisfactory, please sign and date this agreement. Please return one copy of the agreement via fax to the SJSJ at 206-398-4272 and retain a copy for your records. If the foregoing terms are unsatisfactory, please notify me, the Editor-in-Chief, as soon as possible with your concerns or questions.


Erin Crisman Glass

Editor in Chief

Author’s Signature: _______________________________________________

Date Signed: _______________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________




Author's Name ___________________________________________

As stated in the contract, as an author of an SJSJ article, you will receive two copies of the journal plus twenty-five individual reprints of your article. Additional reprints are available for purchase at cost. The cost of reprints varies from article to article.

Please indicate below any additional issues or reprints you will be ordering. Because reprints and issues ordered after the first printing may be more expensive, we request that you indicate your complete order at this time.

In Addition to the Two Complimentary Issues and Twenty-five (25) Additional Reprints , I Wish to Order (at cost):

     ____ Additional Article Reprints 
     ____ Additional Full Issues of the SJSJ 

____ I Do Not Wish to Purchase Any Additional Reprints or Issues






Please return this form even if you do not wish to purchase additional reprints.

Mail or Fax to:

Seattle Journal for Social Justice

Seattle University School of Law

900 Broadway

Seattle, WA 98122-4340

Fax: 206-398-4272

Phone: 206-398-4988


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