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In 1996, the U.Chi.L. Forum used this agreement with me instead of their standard form:

A. Michael Froomkin hereby grants to The University of Chicago Law Forum license to reprint and to authorize republication of an article entitled “It Came From Planet Clipper�? under the copyright law of the United States and all foreign countries for the duration of this copyright beginning with the date of publication. The article will bear a copyright notice © 1996 A. Michael Froomkin.
I warrant that my contribution is original and that I have the power to make this grant.
The University of Chicago Law Forum requests of A. Michael Froomkin that any republication of the article for the duration of this license bear a credit notice as to the original publication.

My file also shows that I got this letter from them, so I suppose that other people also rejected their standard form:

In view of a number of comments received regarding the standard Agreement prepared for articles to be published by the Legal Forum, the following modifications have been made to the Agreement:
1. Copyright to each article will be retained by the Author.
2. The Law School (through the Legal Forum) will have the right to make the initial publication of the article. This includes the publication in text, whether printed or in any electronic or other medium. Further, the Law School has the nonexclusive right to license others to reproduce and to publish the work.
3. The Author retains the right to reprint the article in any book of which he or she is the author or editor, subject to giving credit in the book for the original publication of the Article in the Legal Forum, and retaining appropriate copyright notices.
4. Nothing in this agreement prohibits the Author from publishing another work on the same or similar subjects, in any media.


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