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Response to our request 11/5/2008

Dr. Robert Chapman, editor of Vera Lex, a journal published by pace UP, has forwarded your inquiry about our rights practice. Attached is a sample agreement form that authors published in this journal receive.

Mark Hussey

Chair, Editorial Committee



Pace University Press is pleased to undertake the publication of your contribution to Vera Lex: Journal of the International Natural Law Society [the Journal] entitled:

[the "Contribution"]. We ask you to assign the copyright, thus granting us all rights for the Contribution, so that you as author and we as sponsor of the Journal may be protected from the consequences of unauthorized use. You will have the right, however, after publication in the Journal, to reprint the Contribution without charge in any book of which you are the author or editor.

Accordingly, the following terms of publication are submitted for your consideration.

Copyright Assignment: Whereas Pace University Press is undertaking to publish the Contribution in its journal, named above, and whereas you desire to have the Contribution so published, now therefore you grant and assign the entire copyright for the Contribution to the University Press for its exclusive use. The copyright consists of any and all rights of whatever kind or nature now or hereafter protected by the copyright laws of the United States and of all foreign countries, in all languages and forms of communication, and the Press shall be the sole proprietor thereof. The Press, in turn grants to you the right to reprint the Contribution in any book of which you are the author or editor, subject to your giving proper credit in the book to the original publication of the Contribution in the Journal. To protect the copyright in the Contribution, the original copyright notice as it appears in the Journal should be in the credit.

Warranty: You warrant that the Contribution is original with you; that it contains no matter which is defamatory or is otherwise unlawful or which invades individual privacy or infringes any proprietary right or any statutory copyright; and you agree to indemnify and hold the Press harmless against any claim to the contrary. Further, you warrant that you have the right to assign the copyright to the Press and that no portion of the copyright to the Contribution has been assigned previously. It is understood that the copyright to the Contribution has not been registered with the Library of Congress, but that in the event such registration has taken place you will promptly transfer the copyright to the Press.

Previous Publication and Permission: You warrant that the Contribution has not been published elsewhere in whole or in part (except as may be set out in a rider annexed hereto and signed by the Press) and that no agreement to publish is outstanding. Should the Contribution contain material which requires written permission for inclusion in the Contribution, such permission shall be obtained at your own expense from the copyright proprietor and submitted for review to the editor of the Journal with the manuscript.

Proofhandling: You will be given an opportunity to read and correct the edited manuscript and/or proofs, but if you fail to return them to the editor of the Journal by the date set by the editor, production and publication may proceed without your corrections.

Subsidiary Rights and Compensation: It is understood that you will receive no monetary compensation from the Press for the assignment of copyright and publication of the Contribution in the Journal. However, fees received from licenses to reprint the Contribution in readers, anthologies, and/or textbooks will be divided equally between you and the Press. You will receive no monetary compensation for other licenses which may be granted for the use of your Contribution, nor will you receive any share of fees amounting to less than $20.00. Your share of fees collected by the Press will be paid to you (in the case of joint authors, to the first named) within three months of receipt.

If the foregoing terms are satisfactory, please sign and date both copies of this agreement. (All joint authors should sign, and every author's Social Security number and year of birth should be included. Use the other side of this page, if necessary.) Please return both copies to the editor immediately. A duly executed copy will be returned for your files.

Pace University

Author (print)___________________________________________________

(sign) ___________________________________________________

Date __________________________________________________

US Social Security Number (where applicable) ____________________

Year of Birth _____________________________________________

Mailing Address ___________________________________________




Email ___________________________________________________

Phone ___________________________________________________

For Pace University Press ___________________________________

Date ___________________________________________________


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