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Attached, please find a copy of our publication agreement.

Emily Collins Editor in Chief Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society


The Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society (Journal) is pleased to publish your article [article name] in the [volume of issue] Issue.

The Publication Agreement (the “Agreement”) dated [date], is between [author name] and the Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society (the “Journal”) and governs [article name] (the “Article”).

The Journal agrees to publish the Article in the Journal. In consideration of the Journal’s publication of the Article, the parties hereby agree as follows:

1. The Author will retain ownership of all proprietary interest in the Article, including but not limited to all copyrights, moral rights, and rights of attribution (collectively the “Intellectual Property Rights”), subject to the licenses granted to the Journal in this Agreement. Nothing in this Agreement should be construed as an assignment of Intellectual Property Rights to the Journal. Copyright registration is the Author’s responsibility.

2. In the event that the Journal is contacted with interest in reprinting, the Journal must have accurate contact information for the Author. It is the Author’s responsibility to provide the Journal with any change in contact information. Changes in contact information should be sent to the contact person for copyright permission listed on the Journal’s website.

3. The Author grants to the Journal a license to print, publish, reproduce, distribute, and display the Article as a contribution to the Journal in any and all mediums. This license includes the right to sublicense electronic databases, to copy, to electronically distribute, to transmit the article, to sublicense others to reproduce the Article for noncommercial purposes and to prepare an abstract or excerpt portions of the Article in connection with the exercise of the rights granted in this Agreement.

4. The Author conveys to the Journal the exclusive right to be the first to publish the article in a law journal. The author promises to state in each copy or presentation that the article was originally published in the Journal.

5. The Author authorizes the Journal to edit and revise the Article prior to publication in the Journal. The Journal will give the Author an opportunity to read and correct proofs and will provide sufficient time for the author to do so. If the Author fails to return said proofs to the Journal offices by the agreed-upon date, production and publication may proceed without the author’s approval of the proofs.

6. Author authorizes the Journal to edit and revise the article prior to publication in the Journal, but the article shall not be published in the Journal unless it is acceptable in its final form to both Author and the Journal. By failing to object prior to the expiration of the final publication deadline set by the Journal, any revisions made by the Journal to drafts of the article shall be deemed acceptable to Author.

7. The Author certifies that the Author owns all Intellectual Property Rights, has the right to license the Article to the Journal, and has not made any other agreement that would conflict with this Agreement. The Author guarantees that the article accepted for publication in the Journal has not been previously published elsewhere in English.

8. To the best of the Author’s knowledge, after reasonable diligence and inquiry, the Article and this Agreement does not infringe on the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party.

9. Author warrants and represents to the Journal that Author is the sole author and proprietor of the materials contained within the article or has obtained permission to use such materials, and has the exclusive right, power, and authority to make the grant of rights set forth in this Agreement. Author further warrants and represents to the Journal that the article contains no material that is defamatory, violates another’s civil rights, right of privacy, right of publicity, or other legal right, or is otherwise unlawful.

10. If a claim is asserted against the Journal as a result of Author’s alleged breach of this Agreement or the warranties therein, then Author shall be promptly notified. Author shall have the right to participate in the Journal’s response to and defenses against such claim and the Journal shall not settle such claim without Author’s approval. If a settlement requires the Journal to make a money payment, or a money judgment is rendered against the Journal, then Author shall reimburse the Journal for the amount of such payment or judgment, and shall pay the cost and expenses reasonably incurred by the Journal in defending against the claim.

11. The Author agrees to use reasonable efforts to ensure that any publication, reproduction or distribution of the Article, including, but not limited to, publication or posting in whole or substantial part in print or electronic media shall set forth the Article’s original citation in the Journal.

12. The Journal cannot guarantee publication on a certain publication date.

13. The Author agrees and acknowledges that the Author will receive no payment from the Journal or the Journal’s publisher for use of the Article of the rights granted in this Agreement.

14. The Author will receive 10 copies of the issue of the Journal which contains the Article. The issues will be sent to one address of the Author’s choosing.

15. This Agreement shall become effect when signed by the Author and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal.

16. This Agreement constitutes the sole agreement between Author and the Journal with respect to publication and copyright of the article. Any modifications of or additions to this Agreement shall be in writing.


[name], Editor-in-Chief,Date Signed

Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society


[name], Author Date Signed


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