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From Copyright Experiences

I have attached an example of our author agreement as well as what the author would sign to give us their copyright.

Let us know if you have further questions.

Laura Gillen Wisconsin Law Review Business Editor Assistant


The Wisconsin Law Review agrees to publish your unpublished manuscript entitled:


By executing this document, you agree to the following terms:

1. Copyright License: In exchange for the Review’s promise to publish your unpublished manuscript, you grant a license of your copyright in it to the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System. By granting this license, you understand and agree that the Review will hold the following rights: (a) to publish the work one time, (b) to license republication on electronic retrieval systems such as Lexis® and Westlaw®, (c) to license photocopy reproductions made by any non-profit educational institution for any non-profit use so long as your authorship is acknowledged, and (d) to republish the work on microfilm and microfiche copies of the Review. You also understand and agree that the Review may retain any fees that it receives for any publication or republication in accordance with any of these rights.

Except for those rights granted above to the Review, you retain the copyright in the unpublished manuscript and all rights pursuant to it. In the event that you reprint the article, you agree to acknowledge the Review as the original source of publication.

You represent that the manuscript is an original, previously unpublished work of scholarship. You also agree that if the manuscript contains material which cannot be published without permission of another, you will at your own expense obtain such permission in writing and furnish the Review with a copy. Finally, you agree to indemnify the Review for any expense that the Review, the University of Wisconsin (or its employees or agents) might incur should publication of your manuscript subject the Review, the University (or its employees or agents) to a claim of invasion of privacy, defamation, copyright infringement, or any other similar claim.

2. Proofreading and deadlines: The Review will not make any substantive changes to the manuscript without obtaining your consent. The Review will also make every effort to reach agreement with you on all grammatical, stylistic or citation format changes felt necessary by the editors to conform with the Review’s policies and standards. The Review reserves the right to withdraw from publication any manuscript which does not conform to such policies and standards. You agree to amend and/or correct all proofs of the edited manuscript within the deadlines set by the Review, and you understand that after such deadlines have passed, publication may proceed without your corrections. You also agree to publish this piece with the Wisconsin Law Review, independent of the final publication decisions made on other pieces in this issue.

For the Review: ______________________________ ___________________ Duffy Dillon Date Senior Administrative Editor

Author: ____________________________ ___________________ @@ Date

August 27, 2007

Address Re: Permission to reprint Wisconsin Law Review materials

Dear Digest,

We are happy to grant your request for permission to reprint Author’s, Title, Citation, in the (reprinting work), with the following stipulations:

1. Permitted use is limited to the single work described above and does not include the right to grant to others permission to photocopy or otherwise reproduce this material except for copies permitted under the Copyright Act.

2. Authorization must be obtained from the original source where any material that appears in our copyrighted work is credited to another source.

3. Credit to the Wisconsin Law Review must appear on every copy of the work. The following components must be included: Title; Author; Wisconsin Law Review; “Copyright (YEAR) by The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System; Reprinted by permission of the Wisconsin Law Review.”

4. Permission granted is non-exclusive, and for the English language only. If you require rights for a different market please contact the Wisconsin Law Review.

5. A copy of the work in which the above stated article will appear must be sent to the Wisconsin Law Review.

This permission is not final until you have notified us of your acceptance of its terms by signing and returning this letter or a copy thereof along with a copy of the work in which the reprint will appear. Thank you.

Accepted by:

____________________________________ ___________________________________ Name (Date) Danielle Costello (Date) Business Editor


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